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The Practices


STRONG • level 2 • 60 min.

The GRAYCE power practice. STRONG is a biomechanically thoughtful reinterpretation of classical vinyasa yoga, a remix of strength and flexibility, core and flow, traditional asana and modern mobility. Rigorous for today’s body. Functional and sustainable for tomorrow’s.

SOFT • level 1 • 60 min.

The introduction to the GRAYCE vinyasa practice. In SOFT, students learn the fundamentals of the GRAYCE Method, at a gentle pace that allows greater focus on education, alignment, muscular engagement, and as always, breath and gaze.

STILL • all levels • 60 min.

The Grayce "rest-orative" practice. STILL is a tranquil (yet active) candle lit practice, a combination of low flow, active stretch and intentional rest.

SAY GRAYCE • all levels • 60 min.

On Sundays we SAY GRAYCE with a powerful, contemplative gratitude flow.

STRONG PLUS • levels 2-3 • 75 min.

An extended version of our signature power practice STRONG.

SANCTUARY • all levels • 75 min.

On the Final Friday of the month, we turn up the tempo (and maybe the heat, a smidge), and gather for SANCTUARY, a 75 minute practice that is 2/3 high energy flow and 1/3 deep rest. 

SOOTHE • all levels • 15 min. 

15 minutes of breath and active stretch to help SOOTHE your mind and the parts of your body that get sore from studying. Class is only open to current students and faculty at College of Charleston and Charleston College of Law. FREE. Must show valid student id.

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