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The Practices


STRONG • level 2 • 60 min.

The GRAYCE power practice. STRONG is a biomechanically thoughtful reinterpretation of classical vinyasa yoga, a remix of strength and flexibility, core and flow, traditional asana and modern mobility. Rigorous for today’s body. Functional and sustainable for tomorrow’s.

STRONG PLUS • levels 2-3 • 75 min.

An extended version of our signature power practice STRONG.

SOFT • level 1 • 60 min.

The introduction to the GRAYCE vinyasa practice. In SOFT, students learn the fundamentals of the GRAYCE Method, at a gentle pace that allows greater focus on education, alignment, muscular engagement, breath and gaze.

STILL • all levels • 60 min.

The GRAYCE low flow. STILL is a tranquil (yet active) combination of low flow (no standing sequence), active stretch, mobility, core and rest.

SAY GRAYCE • all levels • 60 min.

On Sundays we SAY GRAYCE with a powerful, contemplative gratitude flow.

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