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The Practices


STRONG • level 2 • 60 minutes

a biomechanically thoughtful reinterpretation of classical vinyasa yoga, a remix of strength and flexibility, core and flow, traditional asana and modern mobility

STRONG PLUS • levels 2-3 • 75 minutes

an extended version of our signature vinyasa practice

SOFT • level 1 • 60 minutes

an introduction to the fundamentals of the GRAYCE vinyasa practice at a pace that allows greater focus on alignment, muscular engagement, breath and gaze

STILL • all levels • 45 minutes

a tranquil yet active combination of deep stretch and intentional rest

SOAR • levels 2-3 • 60 minutes

our core based vinyasa practice + wings, STRONG with a special emphasis on building the strength, stability, flexibility and grit to practice a variety of inversions

SYNC • levels 1-2 • 45 minutes

45 minutes of synchronized core flow with a sequence that is consistent to help students imprint the asana while focusing on breath and gaze

SAY GRAYCE • all levels • 60 minutes

on Sundays we Say GRAYCE - in the morning (Hatha Hallelujah), we throw down a soul stirring gratitude flow. In the evening (Illuminata), we offer up a calming candle lit practice, a combination of low flow, gentle stretch and intentional rest.


SANCTUARY • all levels • 75 minutes

on Fridays at 8:00 pm, we turn up the tempo (and maybe the heat, a smidge), and gather at Grayce for SANCTUARY, a 75 minute practice that is 2/3 high energy flow and 1/3 deep rest

STEEL • all levels • 30 minutes • private only

private yoga conditioning session with a certified personal trainer, utilizing kettle bells and body weight to strengthen the muscles we need to practice postural yoga powerfully and sustainably

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